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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 tips on finding a tradesman

Here is a recent article about finding a decent tradesman.

One good thing about the down turn in theory is that finding decent and reliable tradespeople to do work on your buy-to-let property should be easier. Is anybody finding this?

My problem is not so much finding them but actually getting them to go and do the job when they are supposed to. Is there something contrarian in the psyche of the average British plumber? Do they get a buzz out of telling you they will go round to a tenants house and do the job on a specific day. Then to decide not to and what's more - not tell you.

It's only when you phone the tenant a few days later that you find out " oh no John didn't turn up"

Well here's to the optimist in me that John the plumber will finally get round today and look at a suspected dropped drain.

Hope - just like the persistent toilet leak in another property 'springs eternal'.

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Mike Allen said...

Failure to turn up as arranged without communication is inexcusable. There are a number of things you can do to help prevent this:
First, develop and share here a list of proven, trustworthy tradespeople from all regions of the UK and keep it updated.
Secondly, make sure you have correct names, addresses and phone numbers in place for the tradesperson to contact in the event of a genuine issue (don't be too generous though, anyone who has 'genuine issues' most of the time is not trustworthy).
Thirdly, Give him a reasonable timescale. I know your problem is probably urgent, but so are most of his jobs and don't forget, he earns his living by hiring out his time so if he is any good, he'll be successful and if he's successful, he'll be busy most of the time. If he drops something to do your job, he might be letting somebody else down and there is no justice in that.
There are good people out there, I run a gas and electrical installation and servicing business in Cheshire and have never failed to turn up on a job. I can be made late, but if I said Thursday, then Thursday it is. All it takes is a bit of commitment and some pride in your business.

The Editor said...

Hi Mike - I agree with your comments. My plumber did this time turn up and has done the job. Thanks John - I'm not worthy!

OfficeHounds said...
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