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Thursday, April 01, 2010

HMO Changes to become law

From next week, landlords who want to rent an existing family home to three or more unrelated tenants will need planning permission.

The cost of making a planning application for a so called change of use is £335. This does not include the associated costs of employing an agent or the costs of drawing up the plans required to make the application. A decision on the planning application for a change of use will generally take up to 8 weeks for the local planning authority to decide on.

For a full run down of the new HMO regime effecting landlords have a look at our recent magazine article.

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BARRY said...

why are we landlords always getting it in the neck from the goverment!
just another way to take more of our hard earned money from our pockets, and what they fail to mention is that this will also cause an increase in councle tax and other charges.
Just another way to help pay for the countrys huge debt again....

Anonymous said...

Camouflage - they need someone to point the finger at to cover their own rearquarters.