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Monday, April 05, 2010

HMO regs 'behind the curve'

The latest bit of anti landlord bureaucratic tosh is about to come into force next week us the new HMO planning regulations. The legislation, are aimed at combating the 'studentification' of areas.

Sorry John Healey your are massively behind the curve.

This legislation which because it is not retrospective will not tackle the problems being experienced in these areas.

Coming cuts much more effect

The coming budget cuts in university education are likely to trim student numbers. Added to this is the increasing prevalence of large purpose built student accommodation means that the pressures on areas are likely to subside rather than increase.

It's a classic case of a government acting to solve an issue after the event and in a clumsy heavy handed manor.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi HMO what does that mean? Well here in Scotland we face a visit every three years from the forces of authority who are determined that their will shall be done. The licence fees in some areas up to 2000 for a 3 bed flat (in my area £670). Fire regulation which is far and away ahead of anything you would imagine as sensible in your own home. Regular visits from the police, a logbook of who actually stays in the flat at any given time, regular fire drills. A whole raft of untenable duties - which you will be responsible for since accountability rules. What is grossly unfair - and I have asked the question - do the Local Authorities impose the same standards upon themselves - No. Their 3 and 4+ bed properties are unregulated and they have no clue as to who tenants them, beyod the name on the lease.
It is far beyond time to licence the individual as a good person and not the property as a good property. Licenced individuals will look after there clients. Licenced premises will stretch the rules to breaking point. Has anyone seen the basic living space standards? - laughable outside London - but they will become the norm - because poor ladlords can point to some outside gency as setting the standards and we already know what that has meant across the country and across industry - masive reductions in service in the name of "new, bigger, better, improved, customer service" which seems to herald a loss of intrinsic value to ordinary folks. Well off piste now so Bye.....