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Monday, February 08, 2010

Truly green landlords need to smother their pets!

For those that landlords that are believers in global warming. I don't!

The latest shock research is that a dog has the same carbon foot print as a large family car.

Given that the number of cats and dogs in the UK has gone up from 12 million 20 years ago to 20 million today. The logical conclusion, is that Fido and pussykins should have to go if we all are going to overcome the invisible menace of been over run with carbon or something like that.

So landlords if you are true believers then what you need to do is sit Fido and Pussykins down. Explain that what you are doing is for the good of humanity and to stop some people in the home counties getting flooded once in a while.

Give them a last supper of super fine Pedigree, or the like, and then let them have it.

If you have bought them up properly and to be sufficiently environmentally aware - I'm sure they're going to understand!

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