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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another BTL Property Fire Sale from Galliard

I've just received an email regarding another of these supposed 'Galliard fire sales'

This one is focused on the 22 storey development 'Vision 20' in Ilford

I quote Galliard "This will be a stock liquidation sale and prices have been reduced by up to a massive £135,000 making the opportunity to buy at 'Vision 20' one not to be missed."

This follows the January sale of Galliards Dockland development.

It begs the question, 'when is a sale a real sale?' Which is a question I have pondered before.

I was in Homebase at the weekend looking at some kitchen cupboards for a refurbishment. There was a Sale on and so I asked the sales guy to explain it. He informed me that there was always a sale on, they just restructure the nature of the sale reductions every few weeks.

So I sought clarification "This unit that is listed at £1000, is 50 percent off with a further 30 percent off that, which makes it £350"

"That's right." he replied."But there is always a similar deal on"

The fact is the unit was never worth £1000 in the first place, which begs the question is it even a sale? I'll let you make your own conclusions on that.

Which is why I will be getting the units from Ikea, the pricing is realistic and transparent, and their sales are real.

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