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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MPs call for landlords to provide cookers and fridges

An all-party parliamentary group,  focused on 'Feeding Britain', have called for councils to be given new powers to force landlords renting to housing benefit tenants to provide basic items such as a fridge and a two-ring electrical hob.

Any landlords who failed to meet these requirements could have licences revoked and housing benefit payments stopped under these new proposals.

The Feeding Britain group said that some benefit tenants in the private sector were forced to be reliant on on expensive/unhealthy processed meals and takeaway food.

The groups six-month progress report has recorded an increasing portion of income spent by the poorest households on food, fuel and housing, from 31% in 2003, to 40% in 2012 and 42% in 2013.

Laura Sandys, a former Tory MP commented

“In some of the properties that I go into in my constituency, I am shocked to see that there are no cookers, only microwaves. That captures those families into having to buy expensive food, with a lack of choice and lack of resilience.”

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Paul Barrett said...

What a stupid Tory
LL rent property UNFURNISHED
That is a business decision
Lots of LL rent furnished
Thus stupid Tory has obviously never seen the destruction that HB tenants cause
Who pays for a tenant destroyed cooker!!
The LL!!??
It is NOT a LL responsibility to provide cooking facility
As long as there is the space for a cooker that is all a LL has to provide
Personally u provide all white foods and replace when necessary but it won't surprise you to know I don't and won't rent to th tenants
My business choice!!

Christine Walmsley said...

I have provided fridge freezer and cooker only to be asked to remove them because they have their own. This leaves me with a dilemma as I have nowhere to store them and ended up giving them away. As for providing these items there are many organisation willing to provide people with these and the new sites (freecycle) offer these things for free in working order. Successive governments have introduced and encouraged the nanny state. What happened to self motivation and working hard to acheive these things for yourself. I was a year saving for such things and working 2 jobs when my children were little.
That was in the days when people had pride in themselves and didn't require the latest gadgets before all else. One thing you can be sure of is that these same people will have the latest phones and TV's enough cigarettes drugs or booze to see them through each day while I work damned hard to buy a house I can rent out so I can hopefully retire when I am 70 which isn't far off and still working to try achieve this as I will not go on benefits without a fight. To say I am sick and tired of all the do gooders is an understatement.
Christine Walmsley