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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waiting for a bailiff

Property Sparrow has got her next eviction date through. It's her second this year and this time there's a long wait for it.

She's read the Notice of Appointment four times already hoping to see that she's misread the date. But, no, it's not until 3 November. That's over two months since she applied for a warrant.

Only one of the County Courts in London has closed and so she assumes that this delay is due to an increase in claimants.

It's a long time for Property Sparrow to sit still.

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1 comment:

Paul Barrett said...

Yep you had better believe it.
Unbelievably the warrant has to be served by a bailiff personally to the letter box.Then months later the eviction occurs.
County Court bailiffs are rushed off their feet.
Govt needs to employ more but of course won't.
The county court system is not fit for purpose and is dysfunctional.
This means that even though you have been successful in obtaining judgement it could take months for enforcement.
During that time your property could be taken into receivership; repossessed and sold.
So unless you have RGI or deep pockets you can kiss goodbye to your property.
You will then end up with a charging order against your residential property as there WILL be a shortfall on the sale of a repossessed property.
This will only occur once a CCJ has been granted against you.
All this the more galling when you have judgement in your favour against the defendant.
Essentially this means that a tenant can move from one landlord to another causing potential loss of that property; all because of the useless county court system.
Also remember 1 minute before ahn eviction ocurs the non-rent paying tenant can submit a suspension of the eviction on a spurious ground,
Then another hearing is heard a few days later and then the eviction date has to be arranged again which could be momths later.
This procedure could be repeated ad infinitum.
During this time the tenant won't be paying you a single penny.
You therefore must use as should EVERY LETTING AGENT AND LANDLORD IN THE UK.
If every one did we would potentially not suffer bad tenants.
Also RGI is essential just incase you end up with a wrongun.