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Friday, September 30, 2011

Labour party pantomine

Posturing politicians spew endless nonsense like ham actors on stage at the local am-dram panto.

There's no better example than Caroline Flint. The slap my thigh, slightly attractive and eloquent actress, sorry politician, who Labour like to wheel out on to Question Time rather too frequently, ( she was on again last night ) presumably because she is without a speech impendiment and doesn't look like a dribbling teenager.( unlike the Sheriff of Dottingham - old Tunes advert reference ).

Anyway Princess Caroline launched into a classic vote seeker attack on landlords yesterday at the Labour Party Panto. Yawn, When are the ice creams coming out? I'll have a strawberry cornetto.

The shadow communities and local government secretary promised the audience that Labour would make sure the private rental sector would be "properly regulated" if Labour was re-elected and promised that they would stop landlords with tenants in sub-standard properties from receiving housing benefit. So we will all live happily ever after then?

She went on to say that every family renting would have "security and choice. Three cheers.

Princess Caroline didn't actually go on to explain how this would be done, (booooooo) but did spin around and slap her thigh on a number of occasions. (huurraaaay)

The party then went on to agree a motion to start "a programme of investment in quality new homes, which will provide employment, generate tax income, reduce homelessness and the cost of emergency accommodation and reduce expenditure on unemployment and housing benefits".

Seriously, why has nobody thought of that before? What a fantastic idea, I mean, wouldn't it be great to build some new houses and get some people jobs. Hurray!

Maybe they should of thought of that in their last panto season, I mean it did go on for 13 years and look what a cock up they made of that. Booooooo!

Sorry Labour, the people aren't behind you!

Going back to Question Time last night, did you hear the comment that not one of the Labour Shadow Cabinet had ever ran a business, however all had received glowing reviews in their university end of year productions, apparently Milliband's Richard the third was a triumph.

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1 comment:

Jigsaw said...

Another clueless government minister who should just quit but never will.
Get this in to your thick head Caroline Flint, for every action there is an equal and opposite (usually unintended) reaction. The more you hit landlords with a stick, the more you drive them out of the market for HB tenants who need them most. If you implemented this, then you should also stop housing benefit payments to tenants who cause damage to properties. This will never happen either because Labour do not think anything through. They implement something as a knee jerk reaction, then ignore the chaos that it creates and usually try to blame it on the Tories. Look at LHA paid direct to tenants as an example which has already increased rental arrears, repossessions for landlords, and a reduction in rental stock for the tenants it is supposed to help as landlords abandon the sector. Labour's new motto should be 'Don't think Tory, just don't think at all as that's the only way we stand a chance of re-election'.