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Saturday, September 03, 2011

I've got a new boiler

OK - it's been a bit of a saga. But lets face it Rome wasn't built in a day and using yet another cliche. "Act in haste and repent in leisure." So let hope my patience in choosing pays off.

I've gone for a Glowworm Ultracom 2 24 cxi not the 24 hxi that Which recommended. It turns out that this model wasn't actually a combi boiler and therefore wouldn't have been much use for most landlords.

The score on the door for the new boiler with condensing flue kit and plug in timer was just shy of £820 inc VAT.

My plumber charged £200 for fitting and removing the old boiler. Altogether just over a grand. Not bad I thought. Lets see how reliable it proves to be. A parts and labour guarantee gives me a little comfort in the immediate term.

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Bill said...

Could you just expand on the fact that the boiler - well, just got it.
"Which" recommended the Glowworm Ultracom 2 24 without combi function - the hxi. You went for the cxi with the combi function.
Will you keep us updated on that?
Btw. have you heard of biomeilers = compost heating.
No good for the average landlord where tenants just pay the bills. But it could be interesting for those who are fed up with boiler maintenance and for those who can see a benefit in renting accommodation with lower bills.
The so called "second rent" (bills) is a more important aspect in commercial space for offices, units and shops. With the utilities upping, well inflating, bills and rising rents this aspect might hit the accommodation market before too long. The EPC we should all have is meant to be a step in that direction. Google for biomeiler or look at

karma said...

You were lucky with the price of the plumber, here in Bath a plumber would charge around £600.00.

Miek said...

I fitted the same boiler in my new build. It's only three months old now so it's a bit early to make any judgement. My main worry is that our water supplier (South West Water) has decided that the mains pipes in the street need a clean. This involves putting a machine inside the water main which scrapes out any rust, limescale and other deposits. Guess where this ends up? Yup, in our water!My concern is that these particles in the water will enter the boiler and clog it up. The electric shower two doors down has already had to be replaced. All the taps and the shower have been cleaned out by their appointed plumber but he reckons the boiler will be fine ! The work continues for another two weeks !

Bonehead said...

You did well to get a boiler that reasonably. Mine was replaced a year ago - just a combi boiler again no other work done and it cost me over £2000!