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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New FREE property marketing

Landlords have yet another way of advertising their buy-to-let properties for free with the launch of U-rooms.

Now U-rooms promises to revolutionise the way the rentals market. Now where have I heard that before?

How about the site recently launched by the 'Beeny one'. Tepilo.....again revolutionising the market for letting property.

The downside to these free lettings website is there success will depend on the number of tenants they get going to the site. For most landlords they will prefer to pay a few quid to get their properties listed on the big property portals like Rightmove or Property Finder.

There is one site Makeurmove that even guarantees to list the property on Rightmove for FREE opting for a system that requires the tenant to pay a registration fee in the same way many traditional letting agents do.

In fairness to U-rooms the site seems pretty clean and well designed and apparently the two guys behind it have quite an Internet pedigree; one being the former chief technical officer of and the other headed up the online operation with student lettings at UNITE.

Goodluck'll need it. The world of free property marketing sites is littered with the discarded bones of revolutionaries.

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Anonymous said...

Just looking at the site they seem to have a security problem already - Firefox tells me some pages are untrusted and that "proper" banks, shops etc. would not ask me to override my internet security in this way - that shouldn't happen on day one with that pedigree.....

bitwix said...

I wonder which site Anonymous thinks has the security problem. I don't think it's Property Hawk because our Certificate is nicely up to date.