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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Most expensive flats to rent

Landlords looking at renting out an apartment & are looking at getting top rent should check out this selection of the most expensive apartments to rent in London.

Now for me a flat that rents for say £750 a month is on the expensive side. I know I'm only a provincial boy. Renters in central London wouldn't expect a broom cubhoard for that.

However £40,000 a WEEK. That would buy a terrace house in Liverpool. Actually probably a street of houses come to think about it.

Remember that from October annual rents above £25,000 to £100,000 will be still be covered by the Assured Shorthold tenancy legislation. Previously they were exempted.

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1 comment:

Ciara Suvet said...

It is actually 40 000 per week - I've amended the title of the row to make it more clear.

This flat has been on our radar since July 2009 when it cost 25 000 per week. The agents who were dealing with it last year (M2, Harrods Estates) no longer have it on their list though.