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Monday, September 12, 2016

Legal eagle berates 'rent to rent'

rent to rent
Rent to Rent like printing money?
We have spoke before about the idiocy of the practice known as 'rent to rent' . Proponents of 'rent to rent' somehow believe it offers endless possibilities for the entrepreneurial to exploit inefficiencies in the rental market, whilst conveniently ignoring the legalities of the whole process!

Property Hawk is not alone in dismissing the whole exercise as a illegal sham. 

One legal expert in this recent article refers to supporters as a confederancy of dunces. 

HERE HERE! This is a well versed argument in a lot more depth and legal detail than I could ever muster into why the whole process doesn't and shouldn't work.

For genuine investors who want to get into renting property,  you need to save up for a deposit and buy a property and then rent it out legally. 

That's how you make money, not using get rich quick schemes invented and promoted by Property Gurus and Svengalis.

Landlord insurance -  where do professional investors go?

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