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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Brexit property news

So were you an inner or outer?  This morning brings a shock to all of us landlords.  Do we think it's going to bring economic melt down or are you happy with your savings in brick and mortar.  Here are some of the early thoughts on the effect of Brexit on property from the property press:

More thoughts on Brexit implications for landlords:

As one landlord helpfully pointed out a positive from Brexit could be the demise of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  A piece of legislation that arrived on our shores as a result of a European Directive aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings but in reality saddling landlords with an added expense and a useless piece of paper.  That could go on the bonfire of useless pieces of regulation heaped on us by the EU.

House prices are predicted to fall as a little bit of nervousness enters the housing market.  However, outside London will this really effect us?  Most landlords such as myself see rising house prices as a long-term bonus when they sell.  For most of us it's all about the day to day issues of managing your properties and ensuring that they remain fully rented and generating income.  Brexit will not disrupt the continued high levels of tenant demand and the steady rise in rents as demand for rental property and housing generally outstrips supply.

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Anonymous said...

And on the plus side, are we going to get rid of those ridiculous EPCS?

Anonymous said...

Will we get rid if EPSC. I think not certainly not in the short term. More of a concern is the ridiculous tax reforms conning through soon. read that the EU? No it was a Tory gov't that no longer wants to reward people who aspirational and are not relying on the gov't to provide them a pension. Its not the EU I worry about it Westminster who see us as easy prey!

Anonymous said...

Will there be less tenants around?