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Monday, June 20, 2016

Rents have risen slower than earnings for the past decade

Rents in the Private Rental Sector have crept up, at a slow and reasonable rate.

So, so much for the 'greedy landlord' myth one particular charity likes to push via the media to help get signatures on its chuggers clipboards.

As PH has always said - the majority of landlords are reasonable people, looking for reasonable tenants, to pay a reasonable rent, for a reasonable property, for as long a period as is reasonably possible.

Isn't it time we all started to look at the UK's housing problems more reasonably and stop slinging the blame around?

In last 10 yrs ave earnings rose 25% & rents by 23%. #Inform editor's pick.
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1 comment:

Graham said...

Maybe I am wrong... but the green line rents) on the chart moved higher than the yellow (earnings) since 2011. If it has been 0.5-1% higher (from your chart)than earnings since then how do you compute that earnings have been higher? Perhaps during 2006-2010 that was the case.