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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Giving notice

I recently had an email pop into my mailbox from a long-term tenant.  She and her partner were giving me notice that they wanted to end the tenancy and are moving out. 

This news is disappointing They were good, trouble free tenants. 

Typically, it comes at a hectic time. I really haven't got the time to manage the check out, but I'll need to make time somehow.

Tenants giving notice

The general rule is that tenants have to give landlords 1 months notice of their intention to leave a rental property, whilst landlords, through the section 21 notice need to give 2 months. 

This belies a whole lot of detail which I have to remind myself about every time. 

Firstly, when it come to one months notice from the tenant, - it needs to be a clear month. 

Therefore, in my particular case my tenant emailed me on the 29th Feb informing me that they intended to move out on the 10th April.  The tenancy in this particular case started on the 1st of the month, which means that I have received a clear months notice from my tenant. 

If I had not received notice until say the 2nd of March, whilst this would still be a over a months notice; because it is not a clear months tenancy period, the tenant would have been liable for rent until the end of April. 

So just remember, a months notice is a clear month - which is very different to 30 days!

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