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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Council Tax Anomolies

I was contacted over the last few days by Will who raises the following point about how landlords are charged for Council Tax in his own words:

For the last two occasions when my tenants have moved out, at two separate properties in two different Council jurisdictions, I have been liable for paying Council Tax the day after they vacate the property (if no new tenancy take up residency within 7 days) despite both sets of tenants having their Assured Tenancy contract still applying, whether actually within term or in principle rolling on after the term has expired.  It appears that the respective Councils are protected by the Law in this regard that the landlord is financially responsible for an un-resided unfurnished property, but why should a landlord have to start paying so soon?  This appears to be a very unfair system, especially if it was the tenants who started the dissolution of the tenancy and the landlord was good in the treatment of the tenants.

We all know that Councils are currently hard pushed for cash but should this negate the need for fairness?  As you know, in the old days the landlord was given up to six months grace in entirety at each rental property before having to start paying Council Tax.  Is it possible for you to start a petition or raise on the political agenda to have a fairer compromise situation enacted?  If I am missing a trick or I do not have the full facts and can get round this situation, please advise!

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