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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Right to rent checks start

Landlords need to be aware that they have less than a month before the right to rent legislation goes live.  From the 4th January landlords can carry out the rental checks required to find out whether a tenant has a right to rent in the UK.  These checks will be required by the 1st February and are required of a landlord of tenants that have immigrated into the UK to ensure that they have a right to reside in the UK.
This is a landlords guide to checking immigration documents.

A pilot scheme has been running since 2014 in the West Midlands but the scheme will go nationwide from the start of February.  The right to rent checks are detailed here.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make a lot of difference, many absent landlords will take no notice, as long as the rent keeps coming. We have seen this in Birmingham for the past 12 months, but we also see some dodgy tenants in occupation, and wonder whether they have paid their deposit, and if so, whether it has been put into the scheme?

Since these illegals can also be put 15+ into a terraced house, it earns more money for the unscrupulous, who will never do any maintenance either, because they know their tenants will never dare to complain. These are the facts, and the landlords get away with murder, until someone complains to the council and are taken to court.