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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Confiscation Order of rents of £37k

Landlord Liakath Ali, has been handed a Confiscation Order totalling £37,000 over rents paid at four rental properties in Mile End by Snaresbrook Crown Court.

The Confiscation Order enables Tower Hamlets council to reclaim cash paid in rent by the tenants of  four rental properties, which were described as rat infested, mouldy, over-crowded, and without any proper fire safety precautions.

Liakath Ali, from Bedfordshire had already been found guilty of having broken a number of laws under the Housing Act for the Mile End properties by Thames magistrates. He did not attend the hearing.

Alongside the £37,000 Confiscation Order of rents, Ali faces £12,500 in fines and £17,500 costs -bringing it to a grand total of £67,000.

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murrayzz1 said...

I hope Tower Hamlets are planning to pay some of the reclaimed rent to the poor tenants who had to live in such conditions, and were therefore the ones who really suffered.

Anonymous said...

Good, it is time these absent money grubbing landlords were hit, it gives us good ones a very bad name. I have some owning property where I live, and they will do nothing, as long as the council housing benefit comes in. They also don't care for any national deposit scheme, and some don't even have tenancy agreements, making 12 hour evictions easy. They are a thorn in our sides.

Ian T Price said...

"...and some don't even have tenancy agreements, making 12 hour evictions easy. "

That is a fallacy. If no AST exists hena verbal contract exists. And that is governed by the Housing Act statutes which are more onerous than the terms of the usual AST.

Even criminal landlords can't dodge the law that easily. Unless, of course, the law isn't applied by government/councils...