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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Landlords projects for the New Year

Well I enter 2016 with a sense of excitement and trepidation in equal measures.  Excitement because this year presents for me more opportunities than ever in my 50 years on this mortal coil.  Some folks who are approaching 50 might be thinking about slowing down with thoughts of retirement.  Lets face it if 50 is the new 40 then I'm only really just getting into my stride.  Trepidation.... because I have gone from a situation of being ridiculously busy to I'm really not sure that I will survive the onslaught of things to be done!

Landlord projects in 2016

On a development and building front I have one luxury penthouse apartment to design and fit out.  This has been a revelation to me in that after decades of fitting out non-descript buy-to-let properties on a meagre budget.  It suddenly falls to me to design and manage the fit out of a luxury palace in the sky.  It's amazing now what is available for residential properties interior design.  When it comes to bathrooms I'm discovering the world of: back to the wall toilets, freestanding baths, LED back lit mirrors, granite wash basins there literally are no limits.

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Free design tools for landlords

As part of my journey on the wonderful new world of bling design I am also discovering all the free design tools that are available to landlords and designers to help them put together, source, find and visualise their new designs.  I've embraced pintrest with avengeance.  The ability to use a myriad of images to help visualise the design outcome for my new bathroom and kitchen.  Ikea an old favourite of mine very kindly provides a free online design tool for bathrooms, kitchens and even it's PAX wardrobe system.  One thing that I have picked up in my design journey is that it's still very easy to overspend and be sucked into the world of high end flashy show rooms like Bathstore.  Those expensive showrooms and the associated retail estate has to be paid for some how; so internet retailers will provide you similar goods at a much reduced price.

Transforming the bathroom

I'm hoping that by the time 2016 draws to an end.  Firstly, I'm still standing and secondly the bathroom in the Penthouse has been transformed from the current situation above to something resembling the picture below. Hope springs eternal and Happy New Year to landlords where ever you are in your landlording journey.

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