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Monday, April 15, 2013

Top 10 bizarre things landlords have been asked by their tenants

Some of us ask very little of our landlords. Sometimes we have the odd maintenance request, or we’ll want to inform them of a change in circumstances. Some landlords however, have received some very bizarre requests from tenants who seem to have misunderstood the tenancy agreement! We’ve compiled our top 10 bizarre questions spotted around the internet from tenants:
  1. Can I keep my horse in the kitchen? 
  2. Please can we have a reduction in rent? We are going away on holiday for a few weeks. 
  3. I love the curtains. Can I make them into a dress? 
  4. Can you send in a pest controller to tackle a ladybird invasion? We've seen six. 
  5. It snowed heavily last night. Can you come round and clear my drive urgently? 
  6. I've forgotten my pin number. Do you know what it is? 
  7. How do you cook spaghetti? 
  8. I've run out of my prescription. Can you go to my doctor to collect and post it to me urgently abroad? 
  9. How big are the chunks of gravel in front of the house? 
  10. Can you rush round to my apartment and turn off my computer? My girlfriend is on her way and there's a dating website on it. 
Don't always take it to heart if a tenant makes a seemingly unreasonable request. It probably means that you are doing such a good job they feel they can ask the extraordinary of you! However, having landlord insurance should give you peace of mind should anything go wrong!

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Anonymous said...

What about highlighting the requests of landlords to tenants. You must keep the grass exactly 2/3rds of an inch at all times...the curtains were not opened today have you broken them.....feed the fish in the pond....have you covered the pond in safety mesh (landlord does not want it covered). We heard you have had a dog in the house (us, no the neighbour who owns his house dogsits for his sister, the barking is from his house). I am selling the house please clear away your belongings. I am selling the house agents will be bringing people round day and night please allow this even if it's 7pm and you have just put your baby to bed, or 5pm when you are cooking dinner.

Anonymous said...

No 3, No 7 and No 8 are not unreasonable requests.

I would happily sell my curtains to a tenant if she thought they would make a nice dress.

I'd be pleased if my tenants were cooking their own food instead of buying takeaways and ready meals, and happy to advise them on how to cook it.

And if my tenant called me from abroad asking for a prescription, I would assume I was the only person they knew to call.

The horse in the kitchen is definitely a no-no, though. I make all my tenants keep their horses in the bathroom.