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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taxation without representation!

Margaret Thatcher introduced the Council or Poll tax in 1989.  The justification was that each person irrespective of their income consumes local services and therefore needs to pay for them.  Agree...disagree there is a certain logic to it.

Therefore, if a property is empty...there is nobody in the property producing waste, requiring social services, needing police or ambulance services. So why have the politicians decided that a landlords with an empty property now need to pay for services that are NOT being consumed?

Changes of Council Tax

The community tax was replaced by the council tax back in 1993.  From the 1st of April landlords who were previously allowed an automatic 6 month exemption are subject to a charge made at discretion of the local council.  Needless to say, most Labour councils see it as good way of hammering landlords.  Councils of other political persuasion have varying approaches.

Taxation Without Representation

As our America brethren once pointed out there should be no taxation without representation. It seems to me that the new changes to the Council Tax system is exactly that.  I now live in Sheffield and as the letter from Nottingham City Council points out from the 1st April I will have to pay 100% of the council tax bill when one of my property's becomes empty.  If I don't like the amount I am being charged I have no opportunity to vote out the local council and replace them.  Am I the only one who thinks that landlords are being unfairly targeted in the dash to bring down the public sector deficit?

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Anonymous said...

Never seek logic or justification when it come to taxation, it will send you mad. Just realise that the authorities will take whatever they can from whoever is able to pay it. The fact that you have the money to enable them to take it from you is all that matters - to them.

Anonymous said...

Labour councils hate private landlords and love Housing Associations, for what reason I have never found out, except that in Birmingham, the Associations have a very unhealthy partnership with the council. When it comes to hammering the private landlord, they go out of their way to make life arkward, whilst the Associations, who do far less for their tenant and get more official complaints than most, are treated with kid gloves.
So the news that private landlords will be hammered with yet more tax, leaves no surprise whatsoever!

Deb said...

Need a buy to let mortgage as council stinging us for empty house C/T. Its on a private Mrtge so need to change it over

Anonymous said...

Only 100% you are so lucky.

Voids are now 150% in London!