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Monday, February 06, 2012

Reformed landlord hates landlords

and I deserve it!
A reformed landlord has sold his rental property and now preaches on the virtues of a single property life style in the Guardian.

Reformed landlord Patrick Osborne, sold his rental property after many of his friends and acquaintances had apparently condemned him and he had begun to feel guilty about the money he had made.

He seems to be much happier now he doesn't have to deal with tenants and proceeds to spew sanctamonious condemnation all over the world of the deprived money grabbing landlords.

Dirty money grabbing landlords, all of you, you really should all be ashamed.

He goes on to say he was also appalled at tax breaks he received. "I was quite surprised by how much I could set against tax and that was without hiring a flashy accountant, so I probably could've claimed more. The tax rules were, believe me, very generous."

"We all make compromises with our principles but I was getting more and more uncomfortable defending mine."

To make himself more comfortable I can imagine he spends his evenings wondering what he should do with his six figure capital gain from the sale of his rental property.

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1 comment:

boss said...

Being a landlord is the same as owing a business, is a hard work and you provide others with a decent houses to live in, on the other side is not for everyone if you can't enjoy your money working for you, work for money than, good luck