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Monday, February 06, 2012

EPC gets update

Chris Grant principal of EPC Choice has just got some inside information for users of Property Hawk on the format of the revised Energy Performance Certificate loved by landlords and due to be launched in April:

"Just had a chat with a colleague who been on the training course for the new EPC in April 2012.

The new EPC makes various reference to the Green Deal which were not previously present. Page 3 gives an indication of what measures may be eligible for Green Deal finance, but this is only an indication. The Green Deal application process will start initially with an EPC but the qualification process will involve further calculations to ensure that the “golden rule” is met.

As discussed; the new EPC will require energy assessors to record greater detail during the EPC survey. This is likely to mean that an EPC produced after April may have a lower rating then one produced now.

The requirement for EPCs to be provided when a property is rented or sold still apply and will be stricter from April;

1. An EPC will be required on marketing for all buildings that are to be sold or rented. 

2. Written particulars of a property must include a full copy of the EPC. There will no longer be an option to just include the asset rating.

3. The time for providing an EPC has been reduced from 28 days to 7 days from the date the building is first put on the market.

The validity period of the old style EPC is still 10 years – therefore a landlord would only need to obtain a new style EPC if they were intending to apply for the Green Deal."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So it seems the EPC, which in my experience is hardly ever read by buyers/tenants,is now to be printed in it's entirety?
So increased costs to all businesses involved, and more trees felled to accommodate this. Priceless!