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Thursday, February 09, 2012

List of our landlord software updates

new landlord software logo
We've been busy putting in further improvements to Property Manager 3 and so I've bought this weeks changes together into a single list of improvements, starting with my personal favourite -

Colourful buttons added
Speeding up adding mortgage interest payments
Make copies of your property inventories 
Transfer addresses across supervised accounts 
Added filter to rent summary page

and a new logo that will be going on soon - see picture.

Remember to leave feedback about individual pages using the thumbs up and thumbs down icons in the Property Manager 3 software.

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Anonymous said...

"We've been busy putting in further improvements to Property Manager 2..."? I guess it's hard to let go of old friends! ;-)

Hawkeye said...

Well spotted, I meant to say property manager 3 - post edited. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this software - just starting to use it. How about adding a "speciality" and/or a "notes" field to the contacts list? Would make it easier to find e.g. a plasterer's number.