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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Population growth or not?

The internet is both wonderful and highly distracting.
I stumbled across a chart on Englands population growth over the centuries

Between 1100 and 1700 we wavered between 2 and 5 million dependent which way the wind or the plague was blowing. Then it all started to take off with a few good ideas in farming and various forms of spinning cogs. By 1800 the population had doubled to around 10 million, another hundred years on and thanks to doctors doing a bit more research we got to 30 million, another hundred years after that despite a couple of big wars we still managed to double it again.

However in contrast I was looking at the Irish statistics.

Now they've had very differing fortunes. Back in 1841 they hit a peak at 8 million, then they had an awful time with potatoes and their population fell back to 4.5 million in 1901. But since then they've managed to increase back to just 6 million. Not what you would call a bounce back.

It's interesting to ponder on the different population paths each country will take over the coming centuries and how this will effect the economy and the value of property.

This GeoHive site has some interesting data on existing and estimated future population around the world with India as its tip for the top and the Uk dropping from no. 22 to 29 in the hit parade, as for Ireland ..... ?

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