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Monday, October 24, 2011

Crisis...what crisis?

Is anybody else getting sick of the word 'crisis'?

The headline writers seem to be on a search for ever increasingly sensational and apocalyptic terms to describe the precarious situation surrounding the European 'bailout' and the precarious state of the world economy.

This leaves me thinking two things:

A. Thank god we are not in the Euro (No thanks to Tony Blair - another one you got wrong nice man Tony!)

B. What crisis?

I'm just a simple landlord but from where I'm sitting:
  • Rents are growing
  • Tenant demand is strong
  • Most of my mortgage payments are laughably small given they are base rate related
  • Rental profits are the highest in my living memory as a landlord (20 years to date)
My biggest crisis is managing the occupation of two new sets of tenants in the coming weeks and how to cut my tax bill when completing my tax return in January. Hardly a for me it's just another landlording week.

Do you have a crisis or are you sitting pretty. Let us know...

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Anonymous said...

The only reason, you are not seeing a 'crisis' is because the bank of england is 'printing money' to keep the economy going, this can't go on indefinitly.

Anonymous said...

Which in turn will erode the money in your pocket.. I would be very careful about gloating. your tenants i presume work, and the knock on effect of a REAL downturn will not make you so happy. I am also a landlord and i am preparing for the impending western collapse

The_Maluka said...

Letting has never been better, particularly with social tenants, I now turn away three out of four applicants. BUT if the government reduces housing benefit any more then there will be many homeless.

The Editor said...

Call me a born optimist but I do think we are off the bottom. That means 'the only way is up!'