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Monday, August 22, 2011

Landlords aren't monsters!

Well here's something to gladden the hearts of all Landlords returning to work after an all too short weekend.

A recognition finally by the Guardian that landlords generally aren't a bunch of 3 eyed monsters preying on the blood of their tenants.

It seems that they recognise that not all of us are property magnates driving around in luxury car marques and also that not all tenants are angels!

Hoorah for a little bit more balance in their reporting. Long may it continue!

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1 comment:

Paul Barrett said...

Clearly the VAST majority of landlords are motivated in providing an appropriate service to tenants.
The main problems lie with tenants not paying rent; stealing items and trashing the properties they are supposed to pay rent for.
No tenant is ever forced to sign an AST and I think caveat emptor springs to mind.
Clearly the vast majority of landlords want to maintain the amenity value of their properties and will respond positively to any upgrading of facilities if required by the council enviroment depts.
However just because there may be issues that is no reason to stop paying rent; the tenant can always leave and if the property is in a supposed bad condition then it is highly unlikely that the landlord could let the property out again until the supposed issues had been addressed.
The tenant can always give notice and go elsewhere; nobody forces the tenant to stay.
Personally if a tenant stops paying rent I would start possession proceedings against them immediately with no cancelling of proceedings even if tenant paid rental arrears.