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Thursday, August 04, 2011

How to avoid property tax

Paying property tax is one of the biggest bug bears of any landlord. You've worked hard to buy and refurbish your buy-to-let property. You get rent but then have to shell out most of it on a buy-to-let mortgage, repairs and landlord insurance so why should you give what's left to the taxman to waste?!

If you want to reduce your tax liability have a look at this publication. It's easy to read authoritative and written by a leading property tax expert. It covers the following areas which may be of interest:

  • All relevant tax changes from the 2010 Budget Report.
  • How the new Capital Gains Tax rules will affect YOU!
  • How you can rent out property and pay absolutely no capital gains tax.
  • Ways to avoid capital gains tax even if a property is not your main residence.
  • How to enjoy 17 years of tax-free capital growth.
  • How you CAN escape capital gains tax by selling one property and buying another.
  • How to make the most of your Principle Private Residence Exemption.
  • How couples can save an extra £8,500 in income tax every year.
  • How to claim motoring, home office, travel, research and hundreds of other expenses.
  • The five major tax benefits of investing in furnished holiday lettings.
  • How anyone renovating or developing property can save thousands in tax.
  • How your children can help you slash your tax bill.
  • Safe ways to emigrate and escape capital gains tax.
  • The tax benefits and drawbacks of partnerships and limited liability partnerships.
  • The enormous tax benefits enjoyed by commercial property investors.
  • How re-mortgaging property can save you thousands in tax... plus the traps to avoid.
  • How to receive an extra £4,250 pa in tax-free rental income.
  • Stamp Duty planning.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • How to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in professional adviser fees.
  • How to maximise tax relief for your interest payments.
  • How to use your spouse to save £1000s in capital gains tax.
  • Why you should 'let to buy' instead of 'buy to let'.
  • How to get tax relief on interest when you buy a new home.
  • How to prepare for the new Planning Gain Supplement.
  • The strange quirks of selling inherited property.
  • How to avoid Capital Gains Tax on second homes.
  • How to get value out of rental losses.
  • How to use lease premiums to generate tax-free income.
  • How to make tax-free property transfers.
  • How to get Principal Private Residence relief on business property.
  • How to get 40% of your renovation costs paid by the Government.
  • Year end tax planning for property businesses.
  • How to use VAT to help increase your rent.
  • VAT planning for commercial property, conversions and listed buildings.
  • How to avoid paying National Insurance with rental income.
SAVE property tax

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