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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Landlord register nonsense back

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson has put forward a Ten Minute Rule Bill asking for further legislation of private residential landlords.

Mr Wilson is calling for a national register of landlords to be introduced.

“With proposed changes to homelessness legislation, cuts to housing and high house prices and deposits, private renting will be under increasing pressure, especially at the lower end of the market especially amongst the most vulnerable groups,” he said.

It seems that these public sector lackeys won't rest until they've got some kind of list. Mr Wilson is an ex shop assistant who became a clerical assistant so I'm not sure what he'd do with the list if he got it, presumably file it away neatly under the heading "Complete waste of time."

Thankfully I think this Labour nonsense will continue to be ignored by the logical and realistic Grant Shapps.

Read more on the bill here

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