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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Are landlords respected?

Recent research compiled by BDRC reveals that only 8% of landlords feel they are respected by the public.

In my mind this exposes a real credibility gap that landlords face.  Whilst many of us strive to provide a professional service those that do achieve a high level of customer satisfaction are often maligned by the bad practices of the few.

Added to this mix I think is the 'jealousy factor'.  Tenants don't like us because they ultimately want to buy a house but often cant afford to.  Those who aren't landlords are resentful of the financial freedom that professional landlords have achieved.

It would be good if the nation could find it in their hearts to appreciate us landlords.
I fear though it could be some time before the Love a Landlord badge becomes common place.

What says you?

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1 comment:

Freebeez said...

In my mind people in day jobs generally don't understand the responsibilities and risks involved in being a professional Landlord. They all assume that to own property you must be rolling in it so of course there is the jealousy factor straight away. They don't see why anyone should 'have' more than them, even though what you have is a very small percentage, the rest being owned by the mortgage companies. Add to that the need to keep your tenants happy at all times and the properties to be kept ship-shape....
They just don't know how cushy and dull a life they are leading!