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Friday, December 10, 2010

Costs of evicting your tenant

As I know to my cost if you try and evict a tenant then don't expect all your costs to be covered.

It is possible to attempt to reclaim some of the charges including the court costs of £150.

However, miscellaneous costs including the time taken in researching and preparing the case may not be claimable.  This is somewhat of a grey area and I have heard some views that it is possible to make a claim based on a proportion of the expected solicitors fees.

Any further clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Javed Khan said...

I got approx £550 back when I evicted.

Landlord Action arranged it all for me, I didn't even ask.

I think it is discretionary depnding on the judge you get.

Not sure though.

The Editor said...

Hi Javed, I've come across this article.

In theory it is possible for landlords to claim back some of their time as legal costs. However, as you mentioned I'm sure a great deal of the success in this will be dependent on the Judge.

lilpixie said...

My understanding is that a litigant in person is entitled to two thirds of solicitors fixed costs