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Friday, May 21, 2010

'How to avoid property tax'

The 2010 edition of the Tax Guide 'How to Avoid Property Tax' has just been launched.

This guide is essential annual reading for ALL property investors. If you are making healthy rental profits it is vital to claim every tax deduction you can. And if you are sitting on big capital gains, you may be wondering how to lock in the currently low 18% tax rate before the new Government increases it.

How to Avoid Property Tax will help you pay much less income tax, capital gains tax and other taxes.

Subjects covered include:

* How to transfer property and avoid capital gains tax.

* How to use a trust to get extra tax-free capital growth on residential property.

* How couples can pay capital gains tax at just 10% on £4 million of capital gains.

* Ways to avoid capital gains tax even if a property is not your main residence.

* How to use your spouse or children to save £1,000s in capital gains tax.

* How couples can save over £22,000 income tax every year.

* How to delay paying tax on rental income by up to 2 years.

* How to get the taxman to pay your travel costs (flights, hotels,restaurants).

* How to get a tax refund of £40,000 when you buy commercial property.

* How to write off new kitchens and bathrooms as repairs and get the taxman to pay 40%.

* Motoring costs you can claim.

* How to make the mortgage on your home tax deductible by borrowing against your buy-to-let properties.

* How to claim tax relief for mortgage interest even if the money is used for personal reasons.

* How re-mortgaging property can save you thousands in tax.

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