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Monday, December 14, 2009

The HIP's industry cry for their salvation. Bless 'em!

I've just received another whining press release from the "Hip Reform Group" trying to get some support for their campaign to save themselves following the news that the Tories are going to get rid of them.

Talk about a self serving joke of an industry sector.

They even call themselves the "Hip Reform Group" which makes me think that even they dont think HIPs as they stand work very well.

If you are at all interested in saving this joke industry go and listen to their bleating cries as they limp towards the grave.

Read their latest whinging release below. You could cry for them if they weren't such a complete waste of time and money. Bless!

Here they whinge -

"We wrote earlier this week to inform you of the establishment of an action group – - that has been formed to act as a focus point for those within the industry who believe that the abolition of home information packs would not be a positive step for either the industry or the consumer.

Those who advocate abolition are aggressive in their attack on the industry labelling us in some reports this week as ‘parasitic’ and calling upon us to ‘get real jobs’!
As can be seen there is a lot of anger out there!

Our primary aim is to inform and to press for reform on the back of the HIP. There is reference to a ‘fighting fund’ - this is not a main priority and hopefully will not put supporters off from registering their support.

It’s FREE to join and only takes a few seconds! Unless we all join together and show that we are united in our belief and actions, I am afraid there appears little hope for us as an industry if the Conservative Party is elected. Please therefore register if you have not already done so and also call upon family, friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers who support the aim to join up and help us get our voice heard."

It beggars belief!

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Anonymous said...

Grow up and write something sensible! Shame the bottom has fallen out of your industry ( not).

Anonymous said...

You are right - letting out property to tenants so they have some where to live is an industry. Creating bits of pointless paper at the behest of some ideotic bureaucrats is hardly an industry. Looks like you been stuffed by your own kind!