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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Peter Andre - secret property investor

It turns out that Peter Andre is not only a bit of a crooner, celebrity and all round good guy to the "bitch".

He is also a bit of a property investor.

His dad who came to the UK from Cyprus was a barber, but managed to build up a portfolio of 17 properties. Peter has followed his dad's example and at one stage owned a 5 bedroomed detached property in Wimbledon.

Whilst his latest reincarnation as a performer presenter and celebrity may not last, at least tucking away his dosh in property will mean he will still have something to show for his trial by media. Rather you than me Pete. I'm happy to stay anonymous..

Read the full interview here

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1 comment:

barry said...

Glad that Peter has other interests other than trying to sing,lets face it his fans are only 12-13 years old when they grow up they will learn!!Peter, have you ever thought of sticking to your wedding vows,like "better for worse"etc etc?? Your management team are not exactly doing
you any favours are they?I think you need to start thinking for yourself now don't you,dont take any notice of that woman who manages you, get on with your life with your wife and family.