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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Invest in a bridge in these trouble economic waters

It's difficult to know where to put your cash at the moment to get a decent return. In a deposit account you get nothing. Shares are still shaky and some still see residential property as vulnerable to a double dip in economic activity.

Well maybe some shrewd investor has got the right idea.

Inspired perhaps by the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkl an unamed investor has paid £1,080,000 at auction compared to the expected price of £1.65m. For that they get a cottage and bridge and a tax free net income of about £100,000 this equates to a net yield of about 9%. Pretty good in the current climate.

The investor is no doubt hoping for a 'bridge over troubled water', although the locals have blamed the toll for bad peak time traffic delays and have asked for it to be made free. This might explain the relatively low sale price as other investors shied away from the negative press.

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