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Friday, December 18, 2009

Foxtons renewal fees - WINS right to appeal

Foxtons has won leave to appeal against part of a High Court decision made earlier this year over the fairness of charging renewal fees.

In an earlier case the court made several judgements about letting agent renewal fees. A practice whereby a letting agent charges a renewal fee even where the tenant remains after the first fixed term tenancy and has taken responsibility for managing their own rental property.

In this earlier case, in July, the court did not decide whether charging renewal fees was unfair, but said that the practice must be made absolutely clear and must not be hidden away in the small print. Otherwise, the judge warned, the fees were a timebomb or a trap.

The right to appeal has now been granted to Foxtons.

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1 comment:

Steven Hilton (NLA) said...

Does anyone know if Foxtons will appeal, though?