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Thursday, April 25, 2019

MPs call on landlords to scrap no DSS ads

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Anonymous said...

Whilst I completely understand the concept behind this I also think it's pointless.

Any landlord can reword the advert & rule out all DSS anyway. As a tenant of rather not waste my time viewing/applying for a property that I have no chance of getting.

wappingscot said...

I agree that it's pointless. Tenants already know how much they can afford when they're on benefits. If you state your prices in the ad, they will not apply if it's beyond their means. I also think that tenants not being able to have their rent paid direct to landlords under Universal Credit will be putting off a lot of landlords.

Anonymous said...

I will not rent to DSS because the rent is not paid direct to me and the only time I rented to DSS tenants it cost me a fortune getting them out as they quickly fell into arrears. If the government want us to rent to DSS tenants they should change the law so the rent is paid direct. As usual they want us to take the risk of non payment which we cannot afford to do. It is their policy of paying the rent to the tenant that ruins things for the tenant.

Anonymous said...

And of course the government are going to have to get the mortgage companies to agree too. I think all my mortgages say no DSS

Anonymous said...

Exactly this ^^. You'd struggle to get rent guarantee insurance (maybe even with a guarantor) and also landlord buildings insurance, in addition to a BTL mortgage in the first place..
It's ironic that due to the lack of social housing DHSS tenants need to depend on private rental sector, which governments are now trying hard to eradicate !