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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A London rogue landlord database

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Anonymous said...

It would only be fair if the was a database of rubbish tennants too

Unknown said...

1000% agree with a tenant database too!

Anonymous said...

1 billion percentage...government really given the property business a hard time...what that line by the government " this country needs small business to provide jobs". This is a one way scam.... and you talk about other countries whom are governments are corrupted...take a closer look at UK, government bIGGEST fraudsters & scammers. How many peoples future...pension and savings effect, by the new Tax relief scam...which business on earth runs on NO LOANS. SCAMMERS & CORRUPTED...and they KNOW YOU CAN't DO F**K ALL.

Anonymous said...

We have plenty of scum tenants who are up to every trick under the sun, leaving a mess and damage, but I also blame the slum landlords for renting to them in the first place, and we have plenty of those as well. It is no good renting to scum in the hope of getting all the benefit paid rent as you can, but it also highlights the whole rental practice and damages the names of the good ones, who look after their property and tenants. We have enough to deal with from local and central government, slum landlords are making things worse.