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Saturday, February 13, 2016

How would you fix 'renting'?

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Anonymous said...

It may seem harsh but if we need to attract more landlords then the "rights" of a none paying tenant need to be substantially reduced. At the moment it can mean that a landlord could be months without any rent and then has to pay all court fees, then to have eviction, then to prepare the property for the next tenant, absorb the restless period of renovation and then agency commission for the new tenant.
I suggest that the scales of justice are out of balance.
I also think that the DSS should restart paying rent direct to landlords. A lot of those on benefit are not good at managing there money, why impose such a responsibility on them. It is unnecessary in my opinion and often leads to heart break.

Concerned said...

I agree with everything you say anonymous. Perhaps then I wouldn't have to evict so many "vulnerable " tenants. We know they have baggage, but if the rent was paid directly to the landlord then perhaps there would be less heartache. We don't like making families homeless. But occasionally have to so as not to be made bankrupt

Rose said...

I agree with both of the above. Things are definitely more weighted to support the tenant. If you read the text in the image above (from Shelter):
Longer tenancies?
No letting fees? Etc ....All conditions the landlord has to comply to at their cost.
What about:
Creating a national tenants register to help identify rouge (and good) tenants? (Regulated by an independent, external body, similar to the DPS.)
Quicker, cheaper, easier process to evict bad tenants?
Iv heard of people renting properties, not paying for 6 months plus and just moving round, never paying any bills. It's not just the landlords who suffer, the council, utilities, catalogues etc never see payment. These costs are ultimately passed to honest tax payers.
Landlords should definitely be fair and provide a safe home for people. But the councils need to ensure they support private landlords in doing so.
I also feel that if there were as many conditions for the tenant as there are for the landlord, tenants may take greater ownership of their responsibilities. Tenants are too quick to not pay, wreck your house, create a nuisance to neighbours etc. They know the landlord has little they can do and quickly. If landlords were regulated better then tighter rules could he imposed on tenants; creating better tenants and better landlords.