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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Half of tenants don't attend 'check out'

The latest research from the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) has revealed that out of the 8,035 tenants surveyed almost half (48%) had said that they had not attended the final check out with their landlord.

Out of those tenants that did not attend 46% revealed that they had either not being informed or invited to attend by their landlord or letting agent.

The tenant check out is often the most overlooked aspect of the tenancy and forms a key part of a landlord dealing with the tenants deposit particularly should a dispute arise over fair wear or tear of the tenanted property.

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Anonymous said...

Our tenants are invited well in advance to attend the final check out but as we carry out regular inspections with them neither of us are in for surprises. The problem lies with Landlords or their agents who fail to inspect at all and therefore give impression to tenants that they do not care about the let property other than for the flow of rent.

The moral?. Ignore your property's condition during a tenancy and pay the price at the end in terms of confrontation and costs.

The Editor said...

Very good point. If you as a landlord don't appear to care then tenants tend to follow suit. It is down to the landlord to set the tone for the relationship.