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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Space to rent

We've talked before about renting out car parking space, and Chris is forever banging on about the parade of classic cars that fill the portfolio of garages he rents out.

But what about all those incidental little spaces. The forgotten bits - the landing cupboards, empty sheds, basements, spare unused rooms. Every forgotten space surely has a value. Landlords need to start thinking pounds per cubic metre.

With space in this country at such a premium, there is plenty of demand out there, from those desperate for a bit more, so it might be worth landlords checking around to see if they've got any unused 'nooks and crannies' they could get filled.

There are various sites out there that allow users to advertise space to rent, some of these sites such as even offer free insurance as part of their package. I saw some attic cupboards on the site being advertised at £13 per a week to rent, that's more than £500 a year - for a cupboard!

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