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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Do you fancy a bit of BTL in 2013?

The Telegraph have pronounced that BTL property is booming. So happy new year to all us landlords out there, and let's all hope 2013 is another, relatively prosperous year, like 2012 was.
For in reality, even though the press might want everyone to think that us 'greedy landlords' are making an absolute packet, in truth, most of us are not. 

We did make a packet - I must admit. Back in the day, many of us made an absolute fortune, but for most of the non-south-eastern landlords, that all largely stopped - back around 2005. Now, most landlords are muddling away making okay returns. Admittedly far better than those you can achieve in most other investments - or savings!

But anyway, let's not burst the press hype bubble - rents continue to grow, and demand for rental property will probably stay on an upward spiral.

The Telegraph even have three celebrities in on the act,  telling you how to do it. There's Phil from Location, Location, Location, and the bouncy Sarah Beeny, and they've even dug up (from under some naff timber decking), Ground-forces 'Tommy the builder',  to give us DIY tips. ( Tip 1, don't put in naff timber decking, it'll go green and sloppy and rot in a few years ).

Where would we be without celebrities telling us what to do - heh?

Anyway if you want to be a BTL landlord, read what all the full hypes all about in this article in the Telegraph.

You never know, you could make an absolute fortune!

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1 comment:

Steve Frost said...

Very amusing and good to see the market is forecasted to remain buoyant!

Steve Frost