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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Which washing machine to buy?

I've had a recent call from one of my tenants.  It appears that despite a few fixes the washing machine has finally given up the ghost.  I can't really complain.  By my reckoning the Candy machine has reached the respectable age of 17 years.  So what should I go for?  Well I am a little constrained.  A minor design error when the work top was originally installed means that I have little clearance for getting most washing machines which have a standard height of 85 cm.  My normal preference is for a basic Bosch washing machine that come in around the £300 mark but I'm not sure it will fit.

Any suggestions where I can get one from?

OH happy landlording!

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Jon said...

Well if this is currently your biggest problem, things cannot be bad at all.

I personally prefer indisit as a good entry level for my props.


The Editor said...

Hi John, Thanks for your suggestion I will check it out. You are right. Compared to many problems that a landlord could have I should really count my blessings!