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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tenants evicted for Olympic gold.

A tenant here had to move out, apparently.
The BBC goes with the the story that landlords are throwing out tenants so that they can rent out rental properties for ridiculously high rents for the period of the Olympic Games.

I do question the reality of this situation that stems from a press release from Shelter that seems vague at best. I can't see many landlords in the area going down this route myself, especially following a lot of data showing that the demand for Olympic rentals have been a lot more sluggish than initially hoped.

It sounds like Shelter have been desperately searching for this one at the bottom of the 'hear say reservoir' to further boost their score for PR sensationalism which they would truly get a gold medal for.

But, hey ho certain readers love it, and it echoes nicely with those wanting to believe that our society is as unjust as Chinas when it comes to human rights.

Back in the real world, I think this situation will be as rare as British Gold Medals in the athletics.

Read BBC article on tenants kicked out for Olympics

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Anonymous said...

Thanks shelter, for causing more harm and pushing rents up even more!

Anonymous said...

Landlords are not holding out for these Olympic dream rents and agents will tell you there is precious little interest in them. This sounds like nothing more than a bogus story. I am commenting as a landlord with what should be an ideal property for Olympic short lets, but has just signed up another long term tenant.

Anonymous said...

Shelter have a very clear objective regards landlords. Discredit and sling as much mud as possible so to fuel the campaign for tighter and tighter regulations of the mythical rogue landlords. There is very little evidence or fact in the majority of their PR releases.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the BBC report is a lie. The same thing is happening to me, as happened to the woman in their report.

Anonymous said...

Would people really kick out a long term tenant for 2 or 3 weeks rent then go through the hassle of finding a new one? Sensationalistic journalism is the norm these days.