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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olympic torch - flicker or flame?

I'm just about to head out to watch the Olympic torch stroll past the end of my street. All I'm expecting is a bus with someone in a shell-suit holding a gold cone with a candle in. Should I really be such a negative ninny or does all this nationalistic hype and propaganda have any substance whatsoever?

I mean is this summers excitement really going to bring any 'legacy' or is it just a temporary bout of wasteful global boasting on our behalf that's a bit like 'the neighbour' who gets a brand new leased car on the drive a month before he gets his house repossessed.

Lets hope not.

I mean good news today about interest rates, down again, and even though we got a 'could be more creative' report from the IMF today they say that generally we weren't going in completely the wrong direction.

Much fist pumping and cheering to come, I hope.

UPDATE - OK, I've just got back. It was 'a bus with someone in a shell-suit holding a gold cone with a candle in.', plus a coca-cola bus with lots of over excited PR bunnies screaming for us to scream back. Surely the only Olympian thing coke have done for the countries health is put a ring of tooth decay in our kids front teeth, let's hope the economy is stronger than the Olympic committee's morale stance on sponsorship partners.

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