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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nationwide cosies up to landlords

I recently reported on the popularity of landlords amongst lenders.

Nationwide BS have been one of the lenders who have maintained an active interest in buy-to-let even during the credit crunch.

In this recent article it becomes clear why lenders are so keen on lending to landlords.

It appears that the latest regulatory environment for lenders means that lenders are required to hold much higher levels of capital when advancing the higher LTV products often demanded by first time buyers.  This results in reduced profit levels for lenders.

Hence the sudden attractiveness of landlords to mortgage companies.....have we ever been so popular......

With these capital controls to stay in place for several years as the economy works through this stage in the lending/regulatory cycle (tight!).  Then it looks like landlords could remain towards the top of lenders preferred borrowers for some time.

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