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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That costly Cube

The worst that can happen on the TV's , The Cube, is that you go in with nothing and walk away with nothing, you've probably also had a free lunch, wandered around a TV studio and met Pip Schofield to boot, so not all bad.

However 'The Cube' in Birmingham has been a far more costly experience for many of the property buyers who took on the challenge and bought off plan apartments in this Brummie 'architectural show ( off ) piece'.

With values dropping 20 percent by the time of it's completion many hopeful contestants/ investors were left tens of thousands of pounds down on their investment. Unlike the smiley Pip Schofield who would ladle out a big dollop of sympathy and send you on your way with a pat on the back, the administrators of the troublesome Brummie Cube are coming after investors for everything they've got.

If life was only as simple as bouncing a tennis ball into a dustbin..........

Read more on the off plan investors plight here

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