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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gurus fleece the unsuspecting

There are a lot of dodgy property gurus, BMV operators who boast about how many properties they've amassed.

They talk, waffle, preach on the immense wealth they can help others achieve ( for a fee) and promise them amazing property deals ( big deposit required upfront of course ).

Many talk of how they have built massive portfolios in just a few recent years. ( since 2005)

How can this be true?

Well it's not, another grinning property messiah went to the wall at the end of 2010 owing millions to creditors, and as is the way of con-men, has reopened his doors already under a different brand but same old story.

Promise the gullible riches, fleece them of their life savings, close the doors, lock up and move on, that is a tried and tested route to immense wealth.

You have been warned .........( again and again by us).

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