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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tenant stops paying rent?

What do you do if your tenant stops paying the rent?

If there are rent arrears you can serve notice on your tenant to vacate the property. If your tenant stays in the property you will need to go to Court and ask a Judge to order possession. If your tenant owes 2 months rent or more at the time you serve the notice and when you go to Court it is very likely that a Judge will order possession of the property. If there are less than 2 months arrears at either of these dates a Judge will ordered suspended possession, which means that your tenant will be ordered to pay rent and a monthly contribution towards the arrears, and while they do this they can stay in the property.

Rebecca Brough is a Solicitor at Fidler and Pepper who deals with Residential Landlords on a daily basis. Rebecca offers landlords requiring legal help a Free initial consultation.

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