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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Single persons rate raised

From 2012, single people under 35 will be paid a shared room rate rather than a rate for a full flat.

The shared room rate is lower than all other housing benefit payments and is currently paid to claimants under 25. It is based on the amount of rent charged for a single room with shared use of the rest of a house.

The government expects raising the age at which the shared room rate can be paid will save £215 million by 2014/15.

Read more in Inside Housing

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Mick Roberts said...

Why don't the Government stop Housing Benefits altogether-They'd save even more money. This new Gov't ain't right in the head. Where these people under 35 gonna' live? It's alrady a battle for the hundreds of 23 year olds every year that ask me for a flat, & I have to explain to 'em, that they're only going to get £64 LHA when the rent is £95. This Govt are on another planet.
More & more people are going to have to kids just to get a house which the Govt was trying to get away from. Der..........

Anonymous said... this a ploy to encourage landlords into supplying more HMOs that the government can tax???

Dangermaus said...

The government is trying to make it as unpleasant as possible for people claiming benefits. Hopefully motivating them to get a job. I'm all for it!!!! And I'm a HMO landlord!!!!

Anonymous said...

My son is 23, living at home, doing an OU degree, he is not claiming benefits or paying rent but works a bit about the place. Someone I know was proud of the fact that although she had the space at home and gets on well with her daughter her daughter was in her own flat, rent paid by the taxpayer, and doing a distance learning degree, claiming benefits, working 16 hours a week and when offered more work made excuses such as it didn't agree with her principles! I too am an HMO landlord. And would like more say as to who benefits from my taxes.